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My name is Luisa Värk and I was born in a piny small town of Elva, South Estonia in a cold February day in 1987. I started school at Elva Nursery School called Lucky and this is probably why I have been so fortunate in my life. During my teenage years in Elva High School (initially Elva Elementary School) I attended Elva Hobby School for singing classes, Elva Children’s Music School for piano lessons and tried dance sport competitions and modern dance simultaneously. In 2002, I moved to Tallinn (capital of Estonia) and continued my studies in Tallinn Musical High School as a conducting major under the strict but excellent guidance of Evi Eespere. When it comes to singing, I consider Heidy Tamme, who instructed me for the period of more than seven years, the best, the most significant and influential teacher. Besides Heidy Tamme I have studied singing under the guidance of well-known Estonian music professors such as Kare Kauks, Mare Väljataga, Piret and Tõnu Laikre, and Maiken. In 2006, I was admitted to Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University in the Art of Film and Video department. I specialised in sound design and received my BA in 2009, but I wish to continue my studies soon. Currently I am a full-time mother to the sweetest little girl named Miina – my ray of sunlight and the most important person in my life.


Luisa Värk has released two albums and one single in co-operation with different producers and musicians.

–              Luisa latest realise was in April 2011 duet with Latvian popsinger Lauris Reiniks song called:


Lauris Reiniks ja Luisa Värk -Linnamuinasjutt

–              Tunnete allee (2008 Dec)

–              GEMINICE – PROGRESS (2006)

–              Geminice feat. Luisa Kus oled Sa (Single 2005)


Luisa performs with different groups, either with a fully complemented band or a smaller accompanying group of a guitar and piano player or two guitar players. Luisa has frequently worked together with a cello quartet called C-jam and a close friend of the singer Margus Vaher. Luisa also performs at Techno / Tub / Soul clubs with a group called MustadNoodid including Sten ‘Gun’ Saluveer and Julius ‘Tallinn73′ Talvik.


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